• 12 Days of Happiness | Day 6 | Our Village

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 6 | Our Village

    Day Six: Exhibiting at the National Stationery Show in May was one of my favorite moments of 2015, but it involved a lot of hard work and I relied heavily on my support system(s) to pull it off. (Revisiting this Facebook post from May to thank everyone again.) Lisa, Stephanie, and Julia kept Grey Moggie running while I was in DC. Kara helped at the show and Eric helped put my booth together. Camp Memere & Pepere covered child care and I crashed with friends Joe & Jennifer while in NYC. It takes a village to raise our kids, but also our small businesses. Thank goodness for good villages.

  • 12 Days of Happiness | Day 5 | On Having Chosen a Good Partner

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 5 | On Having Chosen a Good Partner

    Of course if you commit yourself to 12 social media posts about happiness and gratitude, you will get sick. And you'll host a cookie decorating brunch, and take your daughter to see hip hop nutcracker, and go on an overnight trip that involves lots of wine drinking with your husband. You'll feel so happy and grateful, but you will lose your voice (figuratively and literally) and be too tired to type. When your four year old wakes you at 6am on Christmas morning, you'll panic because you were too tired to put out the gifts or plan a fun breakfast. But you'll walk downstairs and see that your husband played Santa AND baked jelly donut muffins and you'll wonder why you thought it was your job to do those things in the first place. I am ever grateful for a partner who steps in when I need it and steps back when I want it. One who only grumbled a little bit when I made him help me wrap all the gifts this year.

  • 12 Days of Happiness | Day 4 | Fancy Seeing Sarah

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 4 | Fancy Seeing Sarah

    Still a day behind, but here goes Day Four. This lady has been my studiomate since June. But much longer that that, she's been my small biz lady lifeline. She answers middle of the night texts and reminds me to make healthy choices even when we're working crazy hours (but doesn't judge when I let my sweet tooth win). She was a cheerleader through my first trade show experience and celebrates my successes. My productivity and design skills have improved immensely since we started sharing workspace, we've got craft fair booth sharing down to a science (seriously, let us teach you), and she's an incredible friend who both listens and shares thoughtfully. Thanks for making work and life more fun, cat lady!

  • 12 Days of Happiness | Day 3 | New Studio

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 3 | New Studio

    Day three, a day late. When I moved to a new studio this summer, I had no idea what a positive change it would make in my life. There are the little things like dumpsters, package pickup, heat and A/C, a kitchen, clean bathrooms. There are big things like stability, not fearing I'm going to have to move my 2000 lb press on a moment's notice. And then there are the really important things, the people. The owners work so hard to make the space safe and comfortable, a place where it's easy to create and connect. And our neighbors are some of the best people I know. They are kind and hardworking and their work is so impressive. They stop by to buy birthday cards and bring us flowers and coffee and help us hang things and fix things. As if that weren't enough, my friends and family love visiting my workspace, so I see a lot more of them more often now. I seriously think the Warehouse might rival Disney World as the happiest place on Earth.

  • 12 Days of Happiness | Day 2 | Mom Friends

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 2 | Mom Friends

    Mom friends, you guys. They're the best. One of my favorite 2015 Happiness/Gratitude moments involves my friend, Katie, seen here directing Princesses in Forestland, written by and starring our four-year-olds (also a great 2015 moment). On a summer afternoon, she walked into my house carrying a bottle of wine during a play date that wasn't going well and said "Where are your wine glasses? You need a glass." And I thought, "Why does she think I can't handle this?" But she didn't think I couldn't handle it, she knew I couldn't. None of us can, alone. It can be hard to accept help because it's hard to admit we need it, but the best mom friends make it hard to refuse. The bickering stopped and the play date ended with the kids happily eating mac & cheese, stealing blackberries from each other's plates while Katie and I sat on the floor sipping wine, hoping for early bedtimes. Find your tribe, keep them close. Hugs and wine to you all.

  • 12 Days of Happiness | Day 1 | Shutting Down

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 1 | Shutting Down

    I am done selling things for the season. Our last show was on Saturday and while it's a little earlier than usual for me, as soon as I get a minute to sit in front of my computer, I'm shuttering the online shop until January 1. If I had any doubt it was the right thing to do, last night as she was falling asleep, this little lady put her forehead on mine and said "Momma, today was great. I just love spending time with you." My own twelve days of Christmas starts now, and I'm going to use social media to share moments of happiness and gratitude from 2015. Because we could all use more of those things, right?

  • Celebrate the Thankful Season at the last DC MEET Market this year

    Celebrate the Thankful Season at the last DC MEET Market this year

    Join us on Saturday, November 1st at 15th & P NW for the final DC MEET Market of the season. The theme for this month's market is The Thankful Season. Come on out to participate in the canned food drive, listen to music from local bands and DJs, let the kiddos do some Thanksgving crafts, and eat some delicious food truck fare from Sloppy Mama's.

    Our holiday collection will be available, including several new designs! We can't wait to celebrate the Thankful Season with you!

  • Mother's Day is approaching

    I've been playing around with brighter ink colors in the studio this season and I love how they look on these Mother's Day cards. Order yours before May 2nd to make sure it gets to you in time to share with your momma, or your favorite people who are moms. All of these cards, and more, are available in our shop.

  • At the Market: Opening Day at DC MEET Market

    This Saturday, April 5th is opening day at the DC MEET Market. Some of my favorite local vendors will be there including Tigerflight, Capitol Romance, Catherinette, and Mallory Shelter. We'll be there with loads of Easter, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day and new neighborhood cards. In honor of cherry blossoms and springtime (it's here to stay this time, right?) I printed a short run of these Tidal Basin happy place cards to bring to market.

    AND if you have a Localist card from Think Local First DC, you'll get $5 off our always popular DC Flag Neighborhood print - and discounts from other MEET Market vendors, too! The MEET Market is family friendly with live music and food trucks. Come on out to support local small businesses and stay for the music and food.