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  • 12 Days of Happiness | Day 2 | Mom Friends

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 2 | Mom Friends

    Mom friends, you guys. They're the best. One of my favorite 2015 Happiness/Gratitude moments involves my friend, Katie, seen here directing Princesses in Forestland, written by and starring our four-year-olds (also a great 2015 moment). On a summer afternoon, she walked into my house carrying a bottle of wine during a play date that wasn't going well and said "Where are your wine glasses? You need a glass." And I thought, "Why does she think I can't handle this?" But she didn't think I couldn't handle it, she knew I couldn't. None of us can, alone. It can be hard to accept help because it's hard to admit we need it, but the best mom friends make it hard to refuse. The bickering stopped and the play date ended with the kids happily eating mac & cheese, stealing blackberries from each other's plates while Katie and I sat on the floor sipping wine, hoping for early bedtimes. Find your tribe, keep them close. Hugs and wine to you all.