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  • 12 Days of Happiness | Day 3 | New Studio

    12 Days of Happiness | Day 3 | New Studio

    Day three, a day late. When I moved to a new studio this summer, I had no idea what a positive change it would make in my life. There are the little things like dumpsters, package pickup, heat and A/C, a kitchen, clean bathrooms. There are big things like stability, not fearing I'm going to have to move my 2000 lb press on a moment's notice. And then there are the really important things, the people. The owners work so hard to make the space safe and comfortable, a place where it's easy to create and connect. And our neighbors are some of the best people I know. They are kind and hardworking and their work is so impressive. They stop by to buy birthday cards and bring us flowers and coffee and help us hang things and fix things. As if that weren't enough, my friends and family love visiting my workspace, so I see a lot more of them more often now. I seriously think the Warehouse might rival Disney World as the happiest place on Earth.