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  • Mother's Day is approaching

    I've been playing around with brighter ink colors in the studio this season and I love how they look on these Mother's Day cards. Order yours before May 2nd to make sure it gets to you in time to share with your momma, or your favorite people who are moms. All of these cards, and more, are available in our shop.

  • In the shop: Easter Cards

    It feels like the Arctic out there today, and it's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner especially since we're supposed to get snow here in DC on Monday. Again! But Easter is just five weeks away! And that means Peeps, Easter eggs, and jelly beans for days. Keep an eye out for a few more Easter cards to join the shop next week.

  • Mommy Monday: Cards for New Parents

    My little one is not so little anymore. She makes up songs in the bath and has learned to cut paper with scissors. When she wants to be funny she introduces me to people (usually adults i already know). "Do you know Melanie?" with her head cocked to the side and her eyes opened wide.

    And she is obsessed with babies! Lots of her friends have brand new, tiny siblings and Elsie wants to know what she was like when she was that small. "Did i go in the ergo when i was a tiny baby?" "Did i cry when i was a tiny baby?" "Did i drink milk when i was a tiny baby?" it's adorable and i love telling her about all the things we used to do before she was a toddler.

    While there won't be a little brother or sister in this house any time soon, we love seeing all the new babies in our neighborhood. They're everywhere! And this past weekend at the market, everyone was looking for cards to celebrate brand new people. Here are some new ones from my shop.

  • Winter 2014 Launch

    Earlier this week we launched our new collection of greeting cards for early 2014. Many are old favorites that got a facelift with the help of Michele from Meant to be Calligraphy and Elizabeth Graeber, one of my favorite local illustrators. This past autumn was spent testing new bolder ink colors, getting used to our new paper cutter, and printing all of the new designs. We had a big photo shoot in December with Mary Kate and on Tuesday the new line was featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

    I loved getting more people on board for collaborations with this release and i'm so happy to share all the new designs. And this new online space!